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The notion of “body percussion” takes us back to the very origins of music. When we use our own bodies to produce sounds, then the movements and the musical ideas behind them are combined into one single notion. This collection, aimed at all budding musicians, is based on group work and memorisation and aims to develop both spontaneity and the faculty of coordinating with others.

A practical teaching aid

-Preparatory rhythmic exercises of progressive difficulty, allowing students to gradually understand and put into practice the different elements of musical language, avoiding any fastidious study of theory.
-Four pieces for orchestra and body percussion with backing accompaniments.
Making learning fun

The pieces are short and based on four different musical styles (jazz, reggae, Brazilian and funk).

They have been specially composed for the accompaniment of body percussion to develop sensitivity, concentration, memory and imagination.

Students also have the possibility of widening their creative role by composing their own arrangements using the specially prepared empty scores.

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